Most people are on the world, not in it.-John Muir // Scott and I have always been mesmerized by nature, which is way most of our photography is outdoors. We want to show people the beauty of the world around then through our photography. Happy Earth day!
She says she talks to angels // shot by @_scott_ford_ #lsstudios

Say my name // pics to come! Shot by @_scott_ford_ #lsstudios

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What’s in the box // shot by @_scott_ford_ #lsstudios
Happy Easter and 4/20 lol I am off to shoot with @_scott_ford_ 🐇🎉 #selfie #bluehair
Iris // shot by @_scott_ford_ #lsstudios
As an artist, you have the ability to create your own reality. #selfie
#messyhairforlife 😜
When Iris fell to earth // shot by @_scott_ford_ dress by @michabear #lsstudios